Is Myrah henna or a hair color?

Myrah Natural Hair colours® has henna as a base together with Indigo and nourishing herbs the combination of which gives the different shades. Our every shipment is tested in laboratory to maintain the best quality. Myrah is 100% natural with ingredients specifically chosen to nourish the hair.
The henna base is a fantastic hair conditioner, and is excellent for your hair. It makes the hair voluminous, thick and silky from within. The herbs we add gives protection against frizz, dandruff and hair-loss.

Is Henna permanent?

Yes, henna does not wash out it will gradually fade over time. The colour will last for about a month.

How do the other colours in the market harm the hair, whereas Myrah doesn’t ?

Chemical synthetic colours penetrate the cuticle and enter the cortex of the hair to change the colour of your hair (bleaches & harms the keratin component of each hair strand). This can cause the layer of protective cells on your cuticle to become disjointed, making it difficult for sebum to travel down and hydrate the ends of your hair.
Unlike synthetic, chemical colours in the market, Myrah works on the cuticle which adds a protective layer. It workslike a varnish over your natural hair colour rather than chemically penetrating in.

What is Indigo?

Indigo is a colour made by processing the leaves of the indigo fera tinctoria plant. When used in the right proportion with henna, indigo can be used to colour hair in shades of brown to deep black.


Will Myrah give an orange color look?

No Myrah does not give the dirty orange look (as the henna products in the market), it gives a uniform lustrous even colour.

What effect will henna have on very curly or afro hair and what should be the consistency?

Curly hair drinks up henna much more quickly than straight hair, meaning it tends to be thirstier. Adding a little more water to your henna makes application easier, if you have straight hair, stick to a thicker henna mixture ( tooth paste like consistency) as this will coat the hair more easily.

Can I add ingredients to Myrah?

Yes, but the hard work’s been done for you! Our patented products already have natural ingredients including Henna and Indigo & other beneficial ingredients such as Brahmi ,Amla, Shikakai etc.. to add shine and promote new hair growth. Therebye liminating hair loss, dandruff and itching, frizz with every use.
If you add other ingredients the desired colour may vary.

I have a sensitive skin. Can I use Myrah?

Yes Myrah can be used by anybody. People with allergic issues are using it with confidence as it is a harmless natural product.
However if you have severe health issues or highly sensitive skin it is suggested that a patch test is done behind the ear 48 hours prior application. It should not be used by children below the age of 16.

Can Myrah be used to tint eyebrows, beard, sideburns and moustache?

Yes our low chemical colors just have 1% chemical (oxidizers) after diluting which is safe to colour beard, side burns, eyebrows and moustache.
However while colouring eyebrows use of glasses for eyes is recommended.

Does Myrah result in premature graying?

No it prevents premature greying.
Mostly premature greying is caused by different factors like lack of vitamins, mental stress, use of heavy bleaching chemicals and aging.

Can it be used by men?

Yes it can be used by both men and women.

My hairdresser tells me that henna is bad for my hair?

Hair dressers sometimes worry about using henna as they are unaware of the natural benefits and find it more lucrative to recommend synthetic chemical colours. Either they are unaware or not bothered about the long run harmful effects of chemicals. When the world is evolving towards using natural products then heal your hair using Myrah.

What is the difference between Myrah and other products available in the market?
  • Myrah is all natural 100 percent chemical free.
  • 100 % grey coverage
  • It protects against sun damage which we mostly ignore for hair.
  • Helps eliminating dandruff, frizz, itching, hair loss and redness.
  • Does not give the dirty orange look
  • Has Organic and Halal Certification
  • It is not only a hair colour but also a hair treatment.
  • It gives the hair volume, shine and lustre.
  • It can be used by people with allergic issues.
  • It has zero side effects.
  • Can be used to colour scalp hair, eyebrow, beard & side burns.
  • Promotes new hair growth and thickness.