Our Natural Henna Hair Color in the form of powder is taken from the leaves of the henna plant. The 3” to 5” tall shrubs have thick foliage and are brilliant green. The leaves are naturally dehydrated and then finely crushed into a natural powder. The paste of this natural Henna, when applied to hair, gives a reddish brown color and the best way to see its actual color would be on white hair.

We supply 100% Natural Henna Powder which does not leave any edge effect to your hair. The advantages of using our Henna Powder are:

  • Natural product with no side effects
  • Works as a hair conditioner which leaves your hair smooth and glossy
  • Cools the scalp and helps to treat dandruff problem.
  • Helps in the growth of the hair

Our product MYRAH HENNA and Natural Hair Colors is made of natural products and contains, Amla Shikakai, Aretha along with Henna. The regular use of our Natural Product will give a natural shine and a bounce to your hair.  The medicinal power of this vintage herb also takes care of scalp disorders. Our Naturally grown Henna powder is also considered to be a hair vitalizer and encourages the growth of your hair.

Advantages of MYRAH HENNA and Natural Hair Colors:

  1. Free of Chemicals and thus contains only natural products for the beauty of your hair.
  2. It includes all the natural herbs in proportion to give best results in terms of tinting and conditioning the hair. So, you don’t need to add anything additional to advantage your hair.
  3. It soothes the skin because of its herbal properties and keeps the head cool especially in warm countries.
  4. Our Herbal Henna works in a way to cover your gray hair from tip to the root and keeps its natural texture intact.
  5. The herbal henna makes the hair glossy, supple and manageable which gives an attractive look to your character.